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My Islamic Celebration was started with the intention and passion to encourage Muslims to showcase how many happy moments Islam has to offer!

My Islamic Celebration holds view that our young Muslims should not hold the impression that Islam is boring and yearn instead for non Islamic festivals. We believe Muslims should look forward to Islamic occasions such as Eid and Ramadan and also understand their religious significance. We believe that by marking these Islamic events we encourage both Muslims and Non-Muslims to learn and appreciate the beautiful religion of Islam!

Over the years we have felt so proud to see people around the world celebrating Eid and Ramadan with their families. But we have always questioned why stop there?

As a religion, Islam offers us so many reasons to celebrate! We recognize that in todays society where we are constantly bombarded by commercially popularised celebrations such as Christmas, Easter, Valentines etc we need to do more to showcase the many reasons we have to celebrate in Islam. Unlike these calendar marked events, Islam encourages the celebration of friendship, showing kindness to the neighbours, giving thanks and showing love to our spouses and treating our parents with love and kindness at ALL times.

My Islamic Celebration believes that due to the lack of representation for Islamically relevant events, when we take it upon ourselves to celebrate these moments, our young children observe and feel more motivated to follow suit!

When our daughters and sisters choose to wear the Hijab rather than follow the rhetoric that the hijab is outdated and ugly, it is incumbent on us to mark this occasion and constantly remind them how beautiful they are! 

When our children choose to give up their valuable time and significant moments in their childhood to learn and memorise the Quran, it is our duty to remind them the enormity of their achievement!

When we want to show love to our parents we do not need to wait for a day in the year, we need to celebrate them at all times and remind them how big of a blessing they are for us!

Our husbands and wives do not need to wait for one day in the year to be told how much we appreciate and love them! It should be done often, even if its as simple as making one a coffee!

With the above in mind, we recognise that the market does not currently cater to these precious moments and we often turn to generic party supplies and gifts. My Islamic Celebration have therefore specifically designed a range of products to help personalise your events and gifting. We wanted to make your buying experience simple and source products that are unique, relevant and useful.

Our products are carefully sought out and we work closely with our manufacturers to produce items which are new to the market.

Our items are sourced from factories which offer their workers excellent working conditions and pay. We also make every effort to ensure our factories use ethically sourced materials. 


My Islamic Celebration is tolerant of ALL visitors on our page and we encourage everyone to respect each others views on celebration. Whether you wish to use our products to hold a small personal event or to go all out- we are here to support your event.

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